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Small businesses are typically left out of the conversation when it comes to upgrading your telecommunications. Most owners don’t even know that VoIP phone systems for small businesses are available and cost efficient. At Bubble Communications, we services customers of all sizes and upgrade smaller accounts from analog into the world of VoIP every day. There are a few different cases in which a small business would benefit from our VoIP Phone System.

You have an expensive bill with a large National Carrier such as AT&T

Do you find yourself paying astronomical prices for your business to have one phone line and a fax? On some of the large carriers, I have run into customers who are paying upwards of $160 for ONE line. Yes, you read the correctly. If you have been on the same carrier for years, then your price is astronomically higher than those of new customers. With our VoIP phone system for small business you can receive more features such as the ability to transfer to cell phones, have a call portal where you can control your forwarding, and have music on hold so your customers don’t just hear white noise.

Since most small business assume that VoIP phone systems are out of their price range, they never look at the possibility. The reality of it is that VoIP is cheaper for a small business than the cost of paying the large national carriers for the same old phones and poor customer services that you have had for years. With Bubble, you will upgrade your phone, receive more value and features, and potentially lower your cost.

You are in an area where you have bad internet and are under the impression that VoIP services are not available to you.

Are you in one of those pockets in Southern California where there are no cable or fiber providers? Do you only have access to your local telecom company such as AT&T, Frontier or Verizon? If so, we have a solution for your phone service. Using our cellular technology, we can run a VoIP phone system for small business. With this technology, you can run your phone lines, a fax line, and credit card machine. Even though you may be stuck with limited options on the internet side, you have more options for your voice services.

You just work off your cell phone because it’s just you!

Is it just you in the office? Do you use your personal cell phone for business? If so, Bubble can help you regain your privacy while not having to spend a large monthly sum on cell phone bills. Our product offers a soft phone for your business number that allows you to receive and make calls from your business number. If you have the need to turn off work calls, you can! The beauty of our VoIP phone system for small business is that it can be customized to your specific needs no matter how big or small!

Small businesses have different needs for their phone systems. Some businesses rely heavily on their phones whereas others hardly use their phones. They just have a business line in case someone calls them. Regardless of your business’ level of phone use, you should strive to have the best product for the value at a cost-efficient price.

One of the main things to ensure is that whichever business phone system you choose to use it allows you the opportunity to grow and expand as business changes and your needs change. It is never to late to look at getting a VoIP phone system for small business!

Customer Case Study

In Southern California, there are a lot of areas that still have issues with internet connectivity. A small auto shop in Orange is a perfect example of why switching their phone service to Bubble is not only cost-effective but also more valuable.

What they had:

The customer had one business phone line with AT&T and was paying approximately $180 per month for their service.

What we offered:

We offered a VoIP phone that would run behind the 4G cellular connection. This would also run his credit card machine. The customer saved about $50 dollars, upgraded his equipment, and received more features for his phone than what he had with AT&T.

Just because you are in an area with poor internet connectivity does not mean that your business is limited to only one option. At Bubble, we work with customers to find a unique customization for their business communications.

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What are the perceived barriers to VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business?

  • Reliable Internet Connectivity– VoIP requires a stable internet connection to ensure voice quality.
  • Hardware Costs– Most small business think that VoIP will require a large upfront cost for hardware; however, most of the time you can upgrade your services and receive new equipment and still possibly save some money monthly!
  • Fear of Poor Quality – Most businesses rely on their phone service. Business owners are afraid that VoIP delivers poor quality, unreliable service. Technology behind VoIP is over 20 years old. Today, VoIP quality is crystal clear and reliable. However, service with different VoIP providers can drastically impact quality. Bubble is an FCC and PUC regulated phone company. We are not reselling service

What are the benefits of a VoIP Phone System for Small Business?

  • Access to a wide range of features – Have you always wanted music on hold for when a customer calls in? Features such as music on hold and call waiting are popular tools that small businesses can get access to by switching to VoIP!!
  • Flexibility and Growth– With VoIP you can start small and expand as quickly as you need. A VoIP system is customizable to your business specific needs at any time.

Why choose Bubble Communications as your VoIP provider?

  • Hands OnSupport – From sales to installation to customer service, we walk you through every step of the process.
  • Customization – Business phone systems are not a one size fits all model. We work with you to customize your phone system.
  • Crystal Clear, Quality Voice Calls– Our network is phone first ensuring that your voice calls get priority so that you don’t have issues with dropped calls, static, or delays.

Re-cap of why your Small Business should switch to VoIP:

  • Cut your costs
  • Increase features for your employees
  • Receive better customer service


Of all the many reasons to switch to VoIP, the ability to cut your costs, increase the features available to your employees and receive more support are the main reasons small business switch to Bubble on a daily basis. Contact Bubble today by calling us at 714-599-7900 for your free consultation and bring your business into the world of VoIP!

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