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100% Secure High-Quality Calls


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About Bubble

Bubble Communications is the only locally owned phone service that provides and maintains its own network specifically for small to medium-sized businesses. Our network is “Phone first”, ensuring quality communications that stay safe and secure in the Cloud.

Easy Setup & Management

With an easy setup and professional support, it’s easy to take your IP Phones under any working conditions!

New Employees


Is onboarding new employees a hassle with your existing phone system? With Bubble, you get professional support and can easily manage the addition of new team members.

Office Relocation
or Remote Staff

Does the thought of moving your phone system to a new office give you nightmares? Or maybe you’re just moving one person to a remote location? With Bubble, simply plug your new phone system into your new location’s network and you are ready to go!

Call Routing

Ready to take your calls on the go or have your office available at your fingertips? Call Routing is easy when you’re in the Bubble! Call-forwarding, sending to cellphone and pushing to Voicemail are all easy-to-use functions of the Bubble!

Simple Flat Rate Pricing Per Line

Ensure your communications stay secure in the cloud.