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The Wave of 5G

The Wave of 5G: A complete overview of 5G and what you should know

By Dominique Lee | April 2, 2020

What does 5G even mean? In very basic terms, it stands for “5 Generations”. As technology advanced over the years, so did the generations of speed, and therefore our lack of patience! Here is a quick history lesson on the levels of generations our Internet and devices have gone through in a short period of…

Working from home

Working From Home: Stay Home Stay Safe From Covid-19

By Dominique Lee | March 26, 2020

Recently, a meme resonated with me in this crazy week: ‘your grandparents were called to go to war while you are called to sit on the couch….’. Though this may be true, I’m concerned that our generation will struggle deeply with the effect and beyond. Today our world revolves around interaction. Despite attachment to headsets…

VoIP Phone Systems for small Business-4

Why Small Businesses Need VoIP Phone Systems and Our Case Study Will Amaze You!

By Dominique Lee | March 12, 2020

Small businesses are typically left out of the conversation when it comes to upgrading your telecommunications. Most owners don’t even know that VoIP phone systems for small businesses are available and cost efficient. At Bubble Communications, we services customers of all sizes and upgrade smaller accounts from analog into the world of VoIP every day.…

VoIP Phone System

Avoid Hidden Fees with a VoIP Phone System

By Dominique Lee | February 7, 2020

When was the last time you took a look at your businesses phone bill? What was the base price that you signed up for? How much do you get charged in taxes? If you still use a legacy phone system and haven’t changed your phone carrier in the past year, you may be charged with…

voip cloud phone systems

Top 10 Reasons to Switch to a VoIP Cloud Phone System

By Dominique Lee | February 5, 2020

We’ve compiled a list of 10 reasons why you owe it to yourself to take your business to the next level of communications and switch to a VoIP Cloud Phone System! You may be wondering why you should switch your business phone system from its current, but very outdated analog phone system, to the popular buzz of…

office phone systems

Proven Ways Office Phone Systems Positively Impact Communication with Everyone

By Dominique Lee | February 5, 2020

Ultimately, office phone systems and the provider you choose for your company, will have an impact on business. A good or bad impact, depends on which provider you choose. It will impact your business’ service, customer gratification and sequentially, whether or not they want to move forward in becoming your customer. In this fast pace…

commercial voip phone systems

Why Commercial VoIP Phone Systems are Better for You & Your Customers

By Dominique Lee | February 5, 2020

Customer expectations have become extremely high and demanding over the years. As we become more and more accessible via technology and their advancements, customers expect quick responses and reliable service. Commercial VoIP phone systems can truly be a blessing in keeping customers happy. Implementing a modern business phone system in your office, will allow you to serve…

customer service

Customer Service…Are You Effectively Being Served?

By Dominique Lee | February 5, 2020

One of the most important aspects in owning a business is undoubtedly producing leads that turn into customers and hopefully retaining them. The number one way of gaining customers is through your sales team. The number one way of retaining them is through your customer service team. Whether it’s through the power of door knocking…


Breaking Down the Wonderful World of VoIP

By Dominique Lee | February 3, 2020

VoIP is a type of phone system which was designed ultimately for businesses. It was initially developed in 1995 as a solution for saving money when making long distance and international calls. It is an acronym which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It can be defined as “a technology or set of standards for the delivery of telephone…

Best Business Phone Systems

By Dominique Lee | February 3, 2020

For most people, changing a business phone system is daunting. There are so many different options available with a wide variety of features that it is tough to know what are the best business phone systems In this article, we review the different types of business phone systems on the market today. Whether you already…