At some point, every business will an experience an office move. This time can be hectic and confusing but it is also a time to evaluate your business services. It is a natural breaking point for you to determine if you should change or upgrade an integral office service. It is not very often that a business is tasked with moving its entire operations into a new building. One of the main things that business look to change during a move is their phone system.

Do you have an on-premise business phone system? Do you take your phone system with you to the new location or ditch the onsite hardware and go with a hosted cloud platform? Before you can understand which is the best option for your business ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do I have a phone vendor that can move my specific phone system?

2. Does my current system meet all of my businesses needs?

3. Can you afford or are you okay with having downtime during the move?

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, then it may be time to look at other options out there for your business phone services such as hosted cloud phone systems.

We recommend upgrading to a cloud phone system when your business moves. The main reasons to upgrade include:

· Elimination of excess hardware

· No Downtime

· Ability to add new features and integrations to your workflow

· Future proofing your business communications

Choosing to move your current phone system means that you will experience downtime. On the day that you move your phones, you will have to uninstall them, transport them to the new office, reinstall the system, and make sure that services are still working. Sometimes there are things that you phone company need to do to make sure that this goes off without a hitch. In this process, it is possible for hardware to be damaged or something to not be installed correctly. Upgrading to VoIP phone system at your new location can be done while your phones are still plugged in at your old office, so that on the day you move all you have to do is have your employees show up! Eliminating all of the on-premise hardware makes for less possible issues while also future proofs your business with new and improved features. On top of that, the next time you move it is an easier system to quickly unplug and move to the new office.

When it comes to moving your business, it is imperative to make sure that you prepare well in advance. If you are considering changing your phone system during a move, then you will need time to allow for the process to occur. You will need time to:

· Find a Phone Provider

· Port your Numbers

· Install New Services

At Bubble, we help our customers move their phone systems sometimes in less than a few days. Now, this is possible because they are our customers; however, we are able to asset new customers with

getting services up and running in their new locations in under two weeks. When it comes to porting and installing new services, some companies struggle at achieving this quickly. The main reason is because most companies use third party companies to do their porting. At Bubble, we do all of our porting in house which allows us to be flexible with timelines and work with our customers to install services as soon as possible.

As cloud phone systems become more prevalent, more and more companies will choose to use an office move as a point in which to upgrade their phone system and eliminate the excess hardware. Nowadays, it is incredibly hard to even find a phone vendor that knows how to install older on prem PBX equipment.

To recap, it is important to prepare in advance for an office move. Contacting your vendors and service providers to inform them of your move early is important in ensuring that your new office will be installed and ready to go. It is provides time for your network to be re-establishe

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