Ultimately, office phone systems and the provider you choose for your company, will have an impact on business. A good or bad impact, depends on which provider you choose. It will impact your business’ service, customer gratification and sequentially, whether or not they want to move forward in becoming your customer. In this fast pace world we live in, some businesses will overlook the importance of each interaction with potential customers. Not a wise decision. You’re trying to gain their business, therefore, you must treat each outreach with importance. Your communication methods need to be reliable in order to do make a sale and gain a customer.

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Through your daily interactions with customers, you’re really guiding them through your sales process, while hopefully exciting them along the way! You really want to impress them with professionalism while ramping them up with their product purchases. The best way to be able to instill that excitement, and of course product confidence, is by demonstrating stellar communication skills. Always better to have more communication with a customer than not enough. It reassures them that they are in the right hands. The features and service you use is of extreme importance in providing that reassurance. The most important of these is your line of communication with them – office phone systems.

Now, to further that thought, it’s imperative to ensure your employees are using the best methods to communicate with customers daily. After all, it’s a reflection on your business. You want to have the right tools of communicating in place, running seamlessly and are nothing but enhancing client experiences. It would be a shame if the methods used for communication, reflect poorly on your service. 

There are popular tools used for communication, such as Microsoft or Google. Often they’re used by smaller businesses and are not very reliable. It’s important to take into consideration if these tools are in fact useful or causing issues. Such tools include messaging platforms, SMS, emails, and phone system capabilities. These tools can be viewed as helpful but due to their lack of consistent quality, can definitely have a negative effect on professional communication. Especially when using a phone company who provides third party services.

You want to make sure your phone company is not a third party provider. It’s CLEC and FCC Regulated. Having a third party provider will effect the quality of your services because their lines are not direct. In essence, third party companies are “renting” their lines, which is why you can experience delays in conversation or even worse dropped calls. How’s that for poor reflection on business?

The quality of office phone systems and whether it is performing at peak productivity level should be a top business priority. Every interaction employees’ have with customers, will ultimately affect the overall experience they have with your business. Think about it, if your communication with customers is poor, your service is going to be poor. Therefore, you’r going to have a lot of unhappy customers, who could effect business by writing negative online reviews. It’s a snowball effect and one that could easily be solved with the right company, system and tools.

There are some offices who are still working with a PBX phone system, not a problem. Now you can easily equip it with a reliable cloud phone system, too. Popular IP PBX systems can be modernized with high-performance VoIP features, especially certain systems such as Avaya, Cisco, or Polycom. 

If your current phone system is not supporting your needs and truly benefiting you and your company, it’s time to make the switch and join the millions of other successful VoIP users. Don’t resist the change! Through the use of the right phone provider you can create a reliable system that gives positive experiences. At the end of the day, it’s the service you’d expect, it’s the service you need.

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