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Why Commercial VoIP Phone Systems are Better for You & Your Customers

By Dominique Lee | February 5, 2020

Customer expectations have become extremely high and demanding over the years. As we become more and more accessible via technology and their advancements, customers expect quick responses and reliable service. Commercial VoIP phone systems can truly be a blessing in keeping customers happy. Implementing a modern business phone system in your office, will allow you to serve…

customer service

Customer Service…Are You Effectively Being Served?

By Dominique Lee | February 5, 2020

One of the most important aspects in owning a business is undoubtedly producing leads that turn into customers and hopefully retaining them. The number one way of gaining customers is through your sales team. The number one way of retaining them is through your customer service team. Whether it’s through the power of door knocking…


Breaking Down the Wonderful World of VoIP

By Dominique Lee | February 3, 2020

VoIP is a type of phone system which was designed ultimately for businesses. It was initially developed in 1995 as a solution for saving money when making long distance and international calls. It is an acronym which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It can be defined as “a technology or set of standards for the delivery of telephone…

Best Business Phone Systems

By Dominique Lee | February 3, 2020

For most people, changing a business phone system is daunting. There are so many different options available with a wide variety of features that it is tough to know what are the best business phone systems In this article, we review the different types of business phone systems on the market today. Whether you already…

VoIP business phone system

How do Small Businesses Benefit from a VoIP Business Phone System?

By Dominique Lee | February 3, 2020

One of the best benefits of switching to a VoIP business phone system is its flexibility. As a small business owner, you probably wear many hats throughout the day and are undoubtedly being pulled in many directions. Having a phone system that can travel with you allows you to grow your business anywhere there’s an…

best business phone system

Best Business Phone System for Sales

By Dominique Lee | February 3, 2020

A company Sales department is undoubtedly, one of the single most important departments, in any business. It’s the lifeline to increasing revenue. Thus, you need the best business phone system that is reliable and robust so that your sales team is constantly ready to close the next deal. If you have sales team that is…